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dr. kellyann 

Who is Dr. Kellyann?
A NYT bestselling author and celebrity nutritionist who launched the Bone Broth revolution!

I personally launched Dr. Kellyann’s TikTok in March of 2021

Responsible for writing, directing, filming, and editing TikToks

Interpreted popular trends on the app to educate Gen Z about bone broth, gut health, mental health, and so much more on Dr. Kellyann’s behalf

In Addition to TikTok, I collaborated with art director and copy writer to design informational and creative content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Assisted art director and in creating supporting content and video motion graphics for Dr. Kellyann’s podcast & YouTube series: Digging In with Dr. Kellyann

Also had the opportunity to design many Giphy stickers for Dr. Kellyann

Conceptualization, directing, sound mixing, video editing, brand development, animation, and retouching

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